Blogger Video Downloader

How to Download Blogger Videos Online?

Download your videos by following 3 simple steps below

1. Copy the URL of the video or audio

Open the video page you want to save, copy its URL, and return to

2. Paste the URL into the input field

Paste the URL of the video or into the input field of the top of the page and click on the Download button.

3. Click the download button

Several download options are displayed. Choose one and click download to save the video.

About Blogger Video Downloader

Blogger video downloader

Everyone has their views and passions, and we are constantly looking for an outlet to let the world know about the same. The blogger is a website that allows you to publish your passion and your views to the world as you see fit and in your own words too. The website provides a platform for many bloggers to create a blog of their choice for free. And of course, you can also use this platform to share images, photographs, and videos of your choice or your own creation. Blogger can be linked to multiple Google products thanks to the fact that the website is owned by Google, which further widens the horizons for those interested and amateur bloggers.

The blogs, videos, and posts that are available on the Blogger website are for all to see, and you can enjoy them at your leisure by creating an account with the Blogger website. You can view these even if you are not posting any content to the website. And to enjoy these events, you need to have an account with the Blogger website and also have a strong network connection. However, if you don’t want to use your account or you want to enjoy the content posted on this website even without the internet, then you can place your trust in the Blogger video downloader at

How to make use of the Blogger video downloader?

Blogger video downloader is quite a simple tool to use and can be used by anyone who wants to download videos and other content from the Blogger website. The tool is available at the and can be used in just a few clicks on your device. Being an online tool, this tool can be accessed from any of your devices, which makes it a versatile tool to connect from anywhere.

If you are interested to use this tool to download your favorite videos from Blogger using this tool, then read on.

In order to use this tool, you first need to have the link to the video that you want to download from Blogger. When we say the link of the video, it means the URL or the web address of the video in which the video is available. Once you have the link available, then you can proceed to download the video, which happens in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds in many cases.

  1. Now visit the web page
  2. You will find an input space to enter the web address you have copied.
  3. Paste the address into the bar given, or you can even type in the address.
  4. Once done, click the button which says “Download” on the same screen.

That is all, and your video starts downloading to the device from which you are accessing the tool.

The Blogger video downloader starts looking for the sources to the link that you are downloading and extracts the content directly from there, assuring you of the best quality output.

What makes Blogger video downloader a good option?

If you are downloading your videos from Blogger through other portals, then you might have concerns with regards to your information security, the safety of your personal details, and the quality of your video output. With the Blogger video downloader at the, you will have absolutely no cause for worries. This is because

  1. Blogger video downloader featured here is from a highly reputed website known for its reliability.
  2. The Blogger video downloader operates completely out of the internet browser, which means that you don’t have to worry about installing software or using any form of the application while using this tool.
  3. The Blogger video downloader at the is available to you for no cost. You read it right. The tool is free to use as many times as you want and from anywhere you want.
  4. The Blogger video downloader works perfectly fine on every platform, including Android and iOS platforms, as it only needs a valid internet browser to do the job.
  5. For the same reason, as stated above, the Blogger video downloader can be used on any smart devices like phones, tablets, personal computers, and laptops. The use of the tool is not restricted to a specific device.
  6. When it comes to restrictions, the Blogger video downloader at the truly has none. It is not just about the compatibility across platforms and devices. The tool also has no restrictions when it comes to downloading more than one video. Whether you download one video or hundreds, the tool doesn’t keep track.
  7. The Blogger video downloader also doesn’t stop you from downloading lengthy videos from the Blogger website, as there is no restriction on the video duration when you are downloading.
  8. The Blogger video downloader ensures that you have the best quality video output upon download. Every video that is downloaded is done so with the best of quality in HD. Even when the original content is in poor quality, the tool downloads in SD quality to provide you a better resolution.

And there are more which makes the Blogger video downloader at the a truly worthy tool to make use of.

Secure and safe download

Another major factor that always concerns us when it comes to using online tools for downloads is safety. There are hackers who are looking to take our information and misuse the same at every turn online. This is where the, with its no registration process and no tracking feature, enables a highly safe environment to download your favorite content.

The tool works only as a mere link between the video and your device and doesn’t keep track of what you download in any format. None of your information, general and private, are stored or traced back to you at any point in time when using this tool.

If you are looking for a safe and secure download at no cost from Blogger, then the Blogger video downloader at the is your safe bet.

Frequently asked questions

Please checkout our FAQ below. Don't see an answer to a question? Feel free to contact us

What should I do if the video starts playing?

There is no need to worry. If your video starts playing, right-click on the video, and choose the download from the drop-down list. And your video will start downloading.

What should I do to register with the

The doesn’t require you to register with them. You can use the Blogger video downloader directly from their webpage and your internet browser.

Is there a specific OS requirement to use the tool?

No. The Blogger video downloader works very fine on any OS and over any platform. There is no specific requirement to use this tool on any of your devices. You only need an internet connection.

Do I need an internet connection to access downloaded videos?

No. The Blogger video downloader saves the required videos to your personal device download folder by default. You can access these videos anytime you want, even when you are not online.

What is the cost per video download?

There are no charges involved in downloading the videos, no matter how long they are and how many you download on any day.

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