Linkedin Video Downloader

How to Download Linkedin Videos Online?

Download your videos by following 3 simple steps below

1. Copy the URL of the video or audio

Open the video page you want to save, copy its URL, and return to

2. Paste the URL into the input field

Paste the URL of the video or into the input field of the top of the page and click on the Download button.

3. Click the download button

Several download options are displayed. Choose one and click download to save the video.

About Linkedin Video Downloader

Linkedin video downloader

With so many social networking sites available, it is not surprising that there is a professional networking site on the internet. LinkedIn is a website that offers a platform for professionals in various facets of the industry to connect with each other. The site is used mainly for employers to post about open positions, job profiles, etc., and individuals looking for a job that matches their skillset and educational qualifications.

While the platform’s primary objective is for the professionals to connect, the place also serves as a social networking site where people share photos and videos online. It also serves as a platform to chat with your acquaintances and text your friends from different industries. If you have a video that you love on this website, you can view it as many times and as long as it is available on the website. But that would require you to download the app, create an account, stay connected online to be able to do that.

However, that is not the only option. You can view these videos as many times as you want and as long as you want, even after the video has been taken down from the actual website. To do that, you have to download the videos onto your personal devices. But does the LinkedIn platform allow you to do that? Of course not. Then what could be the possible solution?

This is where the LinkedIn video downloader comes in to help you. And unlike the popular misbelief, this doesn’t consume a lot of time, and neither does it cost you. Read on to know more.

LinkedIn Video downloader

The LinkedIn video downloader is an online tool that works towards getting you the required videos from LinkedIn onto your personal device. Whether you are using a smartphone or a laptop, or a tablet, it doesn’t matter. The tool works flawlessly to get the required videos saved in no time at all to your personal device and with no effort from your side either.

So how does it work?

The tool is quite simple in its making. Right from the process of extracting the video to the user interface, the design is minimalistic, allowing everyone to make use of this tool when they need it. The LinkedIn video downloader makes use of the URL or the link of the website where the video is stored at that time to trace back the sources of the video. And then, it starts extracting the video directly from the source links.

Let us now look at the steps you need to follow to get your favorite video downloaded using LinkedIn video downloader.

  1. Open the video on your LinkedIn profile

The first step for you is to open the video you want to download on the LinkedIn Platform. This is where you will be able to get the URL or the link to the video.

  1. Copy the video link from the website

Now on the web browser address tab, you will have the link that pertains to this particular video. You can click on the same, select it completely, and then copy it.

  1. Navigate to the

Now visit the website on your internet browser. You can then paste the copied URL onto the space given in this particular webpage.

  1. Download the file

You can then choose the download button on your screen and see the video getting downloaded to your device into the default download folder.

The above steps are the same whether you are using this tool from your mobile phone or from your laptop, or any of your smart devices. You can also choose the resolution in which you want to download.

Hassle-free download

If you want to download the videos from LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean you have to download the videos with any specific software or tool. You can use the LinkedIn video downloader directly from the internet browser on your device. The tool works online completely and will not insist upon an app installation or program execution to run the tool.

The entire process doesn’t consume any downtime and happens in a matter of a few minutes from the time you open the on your browser. No matter how long the video is, you can easily use the tool and get the video downloaded in a matter of a few minutes. The tool works relentlessly even if you use it continuously for downloading a lot of videos on your device.

Best quality output

Every video is downloaded in HD quality, which is another added advantage with the LinkedIn video downloader. You don’t have to worry about poor quality downloads of a high-resolution video that you watched on LinkedIn. The only scenario where the tool might download the videos in SD quality is when the actual video of your choice is not of the best quality in itself.

Pocket-friendly solution

The LinkedIn video downloader is not just the best because of the HD quality output and the no limitations download option. It is also a good solution because it doesn’t stress your wallet. And when we say that, we meant it absolutely has no impact on your pocket. It is available for Free!

You could be accessing this tool from anywhere in the world and any number of times, and yet you would be paying nothing to download videos of your choice. This is also why LinkedIn video downloader is considered to be the best option.

LinkedIn is a very common and popular professional platform, and it is likely that there are quite a few popular videos in there to watch again and again. With the LinkedIn video downloader, you can now stop worrying about the video ceasing to exist or unable to watch it without the internet. Download the videos with ease and watch them at leisure as many times as you want now.

Frequently asked questions

Please checkout our FAQ below. Don't see an answer to a question? Feel free to contact us

Is the process of download different for mobile phones and laptops?

No. The process defined here is the same for all devices. The LinkedIn video downloader is designed to make life simple and hence follows the same instructions across devices.

Can I choose the resolution for the video download?

Yes, you can choose the resolution for your videos, but the quality will be defaulted to HD unless there is a problem with the given video URL, in which case it will be in SD.

How long does it take for the videos to download?

LinkedIn video downloader works in a jiffy providing you with an easy way out to download videos of your choice in a matter of seconds.

Do I need to be a skilled coding expert to use the tool?

Absolutely not. The interface of the LinkedIn video downloader is designed to make it easy for anyone to understand and follow the instructions.

Can I watch the downloaded videos even without the internet?

Yes. You can watch all your favorite videos downloaded onto your device without the need for an internet connection or a need to login to the LinkedIn portal.

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