Liveleak Video Downloader

How to Download Liveleak Videos Online?

Download your videos by following 3 simple steps below

1. Copy the URL of the video or audio

Open the video page you want to save, copy its URL, and return to

2. Paste the URL into the input field

Paste the URL of the video or into the input field of the top of the page and click on the Download button.

3. Click the download button

Several download options are displayed. Choose one and click download to save the video.

About Liveleak Video Downloader

Liveleak video downloader

Despite being part of many controversial news, Liveleak has been among the top most used websites for videos worldwide. While many of the videos may not suit the preferences or taste of many, there are those who love watching videos posted on the Liveleak website. And if you are among the thousands who like the Liveleak videos, then you can now download these videos onto your device and enjoy them again without logging into the internet.

The website itself may not be accessible in some countries, and yet if you have the link for the video that you want to download, you can use the Liveleak video downloader to help you with the same.

The Liveleak video downloader at the offers you the perfect opportunity to download the videos from Liveleak and at a quality that stands above the international standards for excellence. The HD quality videos downloaded onto your device can then be accessed by you at any point of time and from anywhere without having to connect to the internet.

You can use the videos on your device to further share and copy. You have to remember that there are copyrights associated with these videos before sharing them in public forums.

What do you need to know about the Liveleak video downloader?

Like any other video downloader online, the Liveleak video downloader also provides the user with a chance to download videos from Liveleak. Counted among the topmost video-sharing website, right after Youtube, Liveleak offers viewership without any censor, making it the platform for sharing all kinds of videos.

Liveleak video downloader at the offers you the best features and benefits you could ask for from a video downloader. Some of the features include

  1. Easy user interface:

The Liveleak video downloader at the comes with an interface that can be easily used by anyone, even those who are not well versed with the internet and its jargon. The screen shows simple instructions that you can follow and get your videos downloaded in a matter of a few minutes. There aren’t many steps either, and you will be done with the entire download in a matter of a few seconds.

  1. No need for installation:

If you are worried about any installation that could result in a future issue with your device, then you have no reason to worry with the Liveleak video downloader at It offers you the tool online, which means that there is no need for you to download or install any app or software to use it. You can simply visit the and provide your video link and download it to your device, all done through your internet browser only.

  1. No stress on your wallet:

This is the best part with regards to the Liveleak video downloader. You can now download any video you want from the Liveleak platform and not worry about the cost. And when we say not to worry about cost, we are not speaking about low pricing but rather about no pricing. You owe nothing to the for using the Liveleak video downloader. The tool is free to use for anyone from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is good internet connectivity with which you can download the videos of your choice and in a matter of a few minutes too.

  1. Clarity and quality guaranteed:

When it comes to video downloading online, we are often faced with the challenge of downloading the quality of the video. With the Liveleak video downloader at the, though, you will have no cause to worry. The tool works seamlessly to provide you with a video of HD quality, no matter how big the file is or how many ever times you use the tool. Unless the quality of the original video itself is poor, you have no reason to worry about downloaded video quality.

Using the Liveleak video downloader

The Liveleak video downloader is designed in a simplistic manner enabling everyone to be able to make use of it. There are straight forward instructions given online, which you can go through to download your favorite videos with ease.

Here we have the steps you need to follow to make the video download an experience you love to be part of.

  1. To start with, as you watch the video you like, copy the URL from the liveleak platform.
  2. Now visit the website
  3. On the input space provided on the website for the Liveleak video downloader, paste the URL or the link that you have already copied of the video.
  4. Now tap “Download” on the page and wait for the magic to happen.
  5. Your video will be downloaded with no hassle onto your default download folder.

This video can then be accessed by you even when you are not online and shared or copied to any folder or anyone as per your wish. You have to, however, remember that the owner of the video has copyrights reserved for the video, and you cannot freely use it as you wish.

Now coming to the question of how the extraction actually occurs, the algorithm is quite simple. The video that you want starts playing when you paste the URL onto the input box. The tool will then start looking for the links of the sources that are associated with the given video. The extraction is done directly from the sources, which is also the reason why you are guaranteed the best quality video.

To summarize, the Liveleak video downloader offers you the best solution to download the video of your choice from the Liveleak platform without having to compromise on the quality of the download. With no cost to bear on downloads and with no restrictions on the number of downloads or the time of downloads, the Liveleak video downloader is a boon to those who love to have their favorite videos handy.

Frequently asked questions

Please checkout our FAQ below. Don't see an answer to a question? Feel free to contact us

Will there be any cost to bear when using the Liveleak video downloader?

There is absolutely no charge involved when you are using the Liveleak video downloader at There are no hidden charges or a need for registration, either.

Where will my downloaded videos be saved?

Irrespective of the device you use to download videos from Liveleak, the videos are saved in your default download folder. You can access the videos from this folder, which can be changed as well using the settings.

Does it require any specific skill to use this tool?

Absolutely not. You only need to have a basic understanding of how the internet works and know to access the website, and you are good to go.

Yes, you can. However, you have to keep in mind that the videos belong solely to the owner. There will be copyrights that you have to adhere to.

How good is the quality of the video downloaded?

All the videos are downloaded in HD quality when you use the Liveleak video downloader. Of course, if the chosen video itself is of poor quality, then the downloaded video will be in SD quality.

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