Reddit Video Downloader

How to Download Reddit Videos Online?

Download your videos by following 3 simple steps below

1. Copy the URL of the video or audio

Open the video page you want to save, copy its URL, and return to

2. Paste the URL into the input field

Paste the URL of the video or into the input field of the top of the page and click on the Download button.

3. Click the download button

Several download options are displayed. Choose one and click download to save the video.

About Reddit Video Downloader

Reddit video downloader

Reddit, as you would already be aware, is a cluster of communities created based on common interests among people across the world. The platform allows the users to share content in the form of texts, videos, and images for which they have to be registered with the portal. The other registered users of Reddit can then view these posts, vote in their favor, or downvote them as per their preference and choice.

When a post gets a lot of upvotes, it is moved up the ranking on the website and gains more viewership. And that is how you come to watch a lot of interesting videos on Reddit as they have already been upvoted by many users in the community. But these videos are available only on the Reddit platform and can be accessed only by the registered users after they have logged in. If you are not connected online to Reddit, then you will not be able to watch these videos. To gain permanent access to these videos, you need to have them outside the Reddit platform right in your personal space. But the Reddit doesn’t allow the users to download content uploaded by other users, and rightfully so.

And yet, if you are looking for a way to download the Reddit videos, you need the help of the Reddit video downloader. And not just any downloader but the one available at the

Let us now take a look at what the Reddit video downloader at the has on offer for you.

Reddit video downloader

As the name indicates, the Reddit video downloader will help you download all your favorite videos from Reddit onto your device. The device could be anything of your choice. It works flawlessly on computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, among many others. If you have a smart device on which you can access internet websites, then you can make use of this tool to download the Reddit videos onto the same.

How to make it work?

Reddit video downloader doesn’t require you to do anything extraordinary for it to work in your favor. The steps to be followed are quite simple and can be easily done by anyone from anywhere with a proper internet connection.

Once you have an internet connection, you can use any of your internet browsers to access the Reddit video downloader and download your favorite videos from Reddit. The basic requirement for getting the videos you need on your device is to know the web link in which the video is currently available. And when we speak of link, we are referring to the web address under which the videos appear on your browser. You can copy this from the web address on your browser.

After copying the browser link, you can then download the video with ease by visiting On this web page, enter the link or paste the link in the given space before clicking on the download button. Once you have clicked the button, you will see the video getting downloaded instantly to your device.

The video is now all yours to view, copy, and share. You have to remember that there will be copyrights associated with the video you are downloading, and you need to be mindful of the same.

Usage and other features

The Reddit video downloader comes with features that make it the best option to use online for downloading videos from Reddit. The primary use of this tool is to provide you the chance to download your favorite videos from Reddit and keep it for later viewing, even without the internet.

Other features of the Reddit video downloader include,

  • No cost tool: This is a zero-cost tool, which means that there are absolutely no charges to burden you with. The tool works for free to anyone who uses it from anywhere in the world. This can be accessed from across the world through the internet browser, and there are absolutely no fees to be paid no matter how many videos you download.
  • Absolutely safe: The tool doesn’t require you to use any personal information from your end. With no need for a registration process of any kind and with no subscription plans either, the tool works with literally no personal details from you.
  • No tracing or tracking worries: The tool doesn’t keep track of your download records, and neither does it save any of your records in their servers. Furthermore, it doesn’t keep any information that can be traced back to you in any form or time.
  • Good quality output: No matter how long the video is that you are downloading or the number of videos you download at any given time, the output is assured to be in HD quality. This means that you can enjoy HD quality output for all video downloads barring those videos which are originally in a very bad condition. In such rare cases, the output is made in SD quality.
  • Download as many as you want: With the Reddit video downloader, you are not restrained to any limited video downloads. You can download as many videos as you want and as many times as you want with this tool. The tool is available to you 24x7.
  • No software requirement: The tool works over the online browser completely, thereby eliminating the need to have any software to be downloaded onto your device. You can access this tool from anywhere and on any device using the internet browser directly.

Reddit video downloader is designed to give you the best solution for downloading and saving your favorite video content on your device. This will allow you to view the videos of your choice even when you are not connected to the internet or when you are not online at Reddit. Most importantly, it is a no-cost tool that will get your videos into your device in mere seconds.

Frequently asked questions

Please checkout our FAQ below. Don't see an answer to a question? Feel free to contact us

Where can I access the downloaded videos?

You can access all the downloaded videos in the default download folder of the device in which you had downloaded the same.

What should I do if the video is playing?

There is no cause to worry as this is quite normal. In such cases, you have to right-click on the playing video and choose the download option from the list. The video will start getting downloaded immediately.

Can I use this tool on my mobile?

Yes, the Reddit video downloader works on all kinds of devices. The tool can be used on your mobile phones, irrespective of what make or model it belongs.

Can I download a video with audio for copyrighted music?

If you want to download videos that have copyright music in them, you can do that as well. You can choose that option when you are choosing to download, which will ensure you have the video downloaded with no hassle.

Is it legal to download media with this tool?

As far as the downloaded video doesn’t violate any copyright regulations and laws, it is safe to make use of this tool. You can use this tool without worries to download all your favorite videos with this.

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